Природен парк Рилски манастир Directorate of Rila Monastery Nature Park



In Rila Monastery Nature Park the following activities are forbidden:
lighting a fire outside of the designated areas as specified by the Management Plan or organizational projects; areas where fires may be lit are indicated with a special symbol
cutting flowers, breaking branches and other actions which cause injury to plants
camping outside of the designated areas as specified by the Management Plan or organizational projects
crossing the Torfeno Branishte and Bistrishko Branishte reserves except along the marked paths specified by decree of the Ministry of Environment and Water or the Management Plan
crossing through zone 1 of the sanitary protective zones
In Rila Monastery Nature Park all construction is forbidden except that which is prescribed in the Management Plan and organizational and technical plans and projects.
In Rila Monastery Nature Park hunting is forbidden except in the territory of the Vitoshko State Game Station, where this takes place in accordance with the edicts of the Law for Hunting and Game Preservation and the Management Plan.
In Rila Monastery Nature Park harassing wild animals is forbidden, as is collecting and destroying bird eggs and damaging bird nests.
In Rila Monastery Nature Park the grazing of livestock is permitted, annual limits for which are determined by the State Forestry Boards in accordance with the corresponding regional environmental protection inspections and dependent upon the condition of planted areas.
The grazing of goats in the park can only be permitted in agricultural lands and planted areas intended for clear-cutting that are subsequently to be restored by artificial replanting if this is explicitly stated in the Management Plan. The grazing of goats can only be carried out in independent herds.
Grazing in the park is permitted after a grazing license has been issued by the State Forestry Board.
It is important to note that in all of Bulgaria's forests the following activities are forbidden by law:
• grazing in the cultures and young seedling plantations and in the seedling plantations until the plants reach a height of 3 meters
• grazing in the sections of high-branched forest in the process of being restored and the fire zones in which natural regrowth has commenced or could commence
• grazing in forests under torrential conditions, in seedling plantations, gardens, forest nurseries and botanical gardens and grazing at night in the forests
In accordance with the application of the Law for Forests, grazing is forbidden in game centers and stations as is grazing without a shepherd.
In Rila Monastery Nature Park the following activities are forbidden:
• opening quarries, conducting mining and geological or other activities that damage the landscape
• collecting rocks and minerals and damaging rock formations
• conducting open mining
Annual activities encompass:
• maintenance and building of infrastructure elements required for tourism: wooden bridges, grills, drainage pipes, fountains, information boards, shelters, benches and chairs, route markers, parking barriers, etc.
• repair of paths and trails
• maintenance of museums and delivery of lectures for visitors
• organization of volunteer campaigns for the planting of trees and cleaning and repair of park infrastructure
• publication of guide books and literature about nature
• monitoring of populations of endangered and rare species of animals
• activities for the maintenance of natural environmental processes