Improve conditions for nature conservation in the park " Rilski manastir " in Strumica , Macedonia through the protection and promotion of natural resources. Faith groups that our proactive stance will achieve protection still untouched by human activity natural resources by:

    Increased public awareness of environmental protection ;
    Enhanced regional cooperation between the two countries - Bulgaria and Macedonia ;
    Protected natural resources through the implementation of the project target groups;
    Increase the number of tourists - admirers of nature and local identity ;
    Unanimous conclusions regarding the development of ecotourism in the border region ;
    Networking between the various sectors of the border region ;
    Determining future steps for cooperation...

27/09/2020 |
World Tourism Day
Today we celebrate World Tourism Day. The aim of this day is to inform the public worldwide about the importance of tourism, as well as its social, political, financial, and cultur...
10/09/2020 |
Rila celebrates 51 years since its de...
Today, the town of Rila, which has been home to the office of the Directorate of the Rila Monastery Nature Park for 20 years, celebrates its 51st anniversary since it was declared...