Природен парк Рилски манастир Directorate of Rila Monastery Nature Park


The following main activities are defined in the Administrative Regulations of the Directorate of the Rila Monastery Nature Park: - The Nature Park Directorate plans, organizes, coordinates, controls, and participates in the implementation of activities and projects related to scientific research work; maintaining and restoring biodiversity; protection and restoration of natural habitats and populations of plant and animal species or the conditions in their habitats; conservation and management of landscape components; regeneration of forests and protection against erosion, construction, and maintenance of architectural elements for recreation and tourism; facilities ensuring the preservation of cultural values and monitoring stations; creation and publication of informational, advertising, educational and other popular materials; -...


02/02/2024 |
Job opportunity
Information about the job opportunity here.
Visiting the "Alen Mak" kindergarten in the town of Kocherinovo
25/01/2024 |
Visiting the "Alen Mak" kindergarten...
Today, experts from the Directorate of the "Rila Monastery" Nature Park visited the "Alen Mak" kindergarten in the town of Kocherinovo, where they introduced the children to the ty...