Природен парк Рилски манастир Directorate of Rila Monastery Nature Park


The following main activities are defined in the Administrative Regulations of the Directorate of the Rila Monastery Nature Park:

- The Nature Park Directorate plans, organizes, coordinates, controls, and participates in the implementation of activities and projects related to scientific research work; maintaining and restoring biodiversity; protection and restoration of natural habitats and populations of plant and animal species or the conditions in their habitats; conservation and management of landscape components; regeneration of forests and protection against erosion, construction, and maintenance of architectural elements for recreation and tourism; facilities ensuring the preservation of cultural values and monitoring stations; creation and publication of informational, advertising, educational and other popular materials;

- The Nature Park Directorate monitors the state of biodiversity of natural ecosystems, communities, and individual taxa; the state of populations of protected, rare, endangered, and endemic representatives of wild flora and fauna as part of the National System for Monitoring Biological Diversity; the tourist load within the boundaries of the park;

- The Nature Park Directorate develops, organizes, and coordinates educational programs for the local population and park visitors;

- Preparing applications of projects and programs for financing the activities carried out by it to regional, national, and international financing institutions after coordination with Executive Forest Agency;

- The Nature Park Directorate organizes the carrying out of scientific activity related to the management, management, structure, and protection of the forest, agricultural, and disturbed territories, included in the territorial scope of activity of the directorate;

- The Nature Park Directorate participates in the process of developing and implementing the plans for the management of the natural park and protected areas in the territorial scope of the directorate's activity and the related structural and technical plans and projects;