Природен парк Рилски манастир Directorate of Rila Monastery Nature Park

For tourists

The attractive combination of unbelievable natural beauty and venerable culturally significant sites makes the Nature Park Rila Monastery an ideal place to visit.

            The Rila Monastery complex is an important point of interest from which the following tourist trails embark:

            -Rila Monastery – Kipilova Polyana – Soohoto Ezero – Kobilno Branishte

            -Rila Monastery - Kipilova Polyana – Ribni Ezera – Smradleevoto ezero

            -Rila Monastery – Maluovitsa

            -Rila Monastery – Seven Rila Lakes

            -Rila Monastery – Radovichka Reka – Heedja Macedonia

 … and many others.  Besides these listed routes, the international tourist route E4 (Pirin-Alps-Rila-Olympus) twists through the territory of the park.

            Tourists visiting the Nature Park Rila Monastery may lodge and dine at a number of hotels, heedjas (mountain huts), vacation bases and restaurants, all within a short distance from the park.

            These hotels are close to the park:

            “Tsarev Vruck” – telephone – 07054-2280

            “Rilets” – telephone – 07054-2106

            Immediately next to the monastery’s grounds are the following vacation bases:

  • Heedja “Eleshneetsa” – located at 865 meters elevation at the confluence of the Rila and Eleshneetsa rivers.
  • Tourist base “Yavora” – a collection of bungalows with a guest capacity of 180. This base is located at 1,465 meters elevation at the northern end of Kirilova Meadow
  • Heedja “Ribna Ezera” – located between the Large and Small Fish Lakes at an elevation of 2,230 meters.
  • Shelter “Kobilino Branishte” – located at 2145 meters.