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Location: At the southeast end of the Republic of Macedonia, just below the triangle on the international borders with Bulgaria and Greece is located Orthodox fertile valley in the western part and the eponymous municipality of Strumica.
Altitude: 256 m
Area: 485,59 km2
Population: 54,676
Population density: Over 100 residents of 1 km2
Settlements: 25


Strumica region is surrounded by mountains Belasica Ograzden and Elenica. The configuration of these mountain ranges is such that the valley and give shape to a large Triangle invalid.
Belasica is located south-east of Strumica highest peak 2031 m. It extends east-west length of over 70 km. Belasica is one of the oldest mountains not only in Macedonia, but also on the Balkan Peninsula. The Belasica are tripartite point between the borders of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece.

 Ograzden is north-east of Strumica highest peak 1746 m.
Elenica is located west of Strumica highest peak 970 meters.
The mountain ranges Belasica Ograzden and Elenica mainly dominated deciduous forests (oak, black and white hornbeam, chestnut and beech). Evergreen forests are rare and are mostly on the higher parts of the mountains dominated: pine and fir.

Specific geographical and topographical position of Strumica Municipality characterize two zonal climates. Mediterranean, with more or less crossing the Eastern Continental, whose entanglement of the region is the special feature - long hot summers with high temperatures and srednodnevni reduced annual precipitation, winter temperatures and reduced occurrence of winds from all directions.
Characteristic of the region is the northwest, southwest, and south and north wind rarely warm wind.
The average annual temperature is 13.1 C with the highest average monthly temperature 23.9 C in July and the lowest monthly average temperature in January of 1.7 M.