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Rila municipality

Rila municipality is located in western Bulgaria, at the southeastern part of Kyustendil. Its territory occupies the middle and southwestern Rila Mountains and its foothills. The municipality covers an area of ​​361 Rila municipality has its origins in 1883 as a rural community with radar and laser systems settlements Rila Bozovaya, Pastra and fall, the Rila Monastery. Since 1978 the town of Rila was declared the seat of the Municipality of Rila. Administrative center of the municipality is the town of Rila, in the composition of the municipality includes other settlements-Padala village Smochevo, Pastra and village Rila Monastery. East municipality borders the municipalities of Samokov and Belitza the West with municipalities and Kocherinovo Boboshevo the north with the municipalities Dupnitza Samokov, to the south by the municipalities of Blagoevg...

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  Location: At the southeast end of the Republic of Macedonia, just below the triangle on the international borders with Bulgaria and Greece is located Orthodox fertile valley in the western part and the eponymous municipality of Strumica. Altitude: 256 m Area: 485,59 km2 Population: 54,676 Population density: Over 100 residents of 1 km2 Settlements: 25   Mountains Strumica region is surrounded by mountains Belasica Ograzden and Elenica. The configuration of these mountain ranges is such that the valley and give shape to a large Triangle invalid. Belasica is located south-east of Strumica highest peak 2031 m. It extends east-west length of over 70 km. Belasica is one of the oldest mountains not only in Macedonia, but also on the Balkan Peninsula. The Belasica are tripartite point between the borders of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece.  Ograz...

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Basic information about Nature Park " Rila Monastery "

Park " Rila Monastery " is one of the 11 natural parks in Bulgaria's Executive Agency for Forestry. The territory of the park covers forests, mountain meadows , alpine landscapes, high peaks and spectacular scenery as well as over 28 high mountain lakes in the heart of the Rila Mountains , making it a preferred destination for tourists. Here you can visit the tailor , botanical and eco tours and acquainted not only with rich biodiversity but also its rich cultural - historical heritage of Bulgaria .                 Here is the most important monument of Bulgarian culture - Rila Monastery. Founded in the early tenth century by the hermit Ivan of s.Skrino called later St. John of Rila monastery today is the most desirable place for worship and prayer. The complex was built through several generations of prominent Bulgarian builders, painters and master ca...