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NEWS / Let's clean up Bulgaria together!

Let's clean up Bulgaria together!
17/09/2022 |
Let's clean up Bulgaria together!

For the 10th year in a row, the Directorate of the Rila Monastery Nature Park participated in the bTV Media Group campaign "Let's clean up Bulgaria together". ???? This year it was titled "Lend a hand to nature" and is aimed at personal responsibility and contribution to the care of the cleanliness of the planet, the future, and the education of children.
Thanks to all the participants in today's campaign, we managed to clean the most visited by tourist, areas in the park, namely: Mestnosta Obedishte, Studenatа Cheshma, Kirilova Polyana, and the recreation areas along the Iliina Reka.
On behalf of the Directorate of the "Rila Monastery" Nature Park, we express our immense gratitude to all participants in the cleaning of the park, who, despite the bad and rainy weather, actively participated in the "Let's clean Bulgaria" campaign. ????????Thank you, friends, today we managed to lend a hand to nature together!????