NEWS / Information about upcoming church holidays

14/08/2020 |
Information about upcoming church holidays

In connection with the upcoming Christian holidays of the Great Mother of God (August 15) and the Assumption of St. John of Rila (August 18), a large number of worshipers are expected to visit the Rila Monastery from 14 to 18 August, as well as areas of the park near the monastery.
In this regard, we would like to inform you that the Road Infrastructure Agency is stopping the repair works on the road to the Rila Monastery in order to ensure the normal passage of visitors.
If you have decided to visit the Rila Monastery Nature Park, we urge you to light a fire on the territory of the park with great care and only on the hearths regulated for this purpose. Be careful and vigilant, because high temperatures and negligence in lighting fires in forests create a real danger of fires that endanger human life, destroy valuable vegetation and forests, as well as habitats of many animals.
If you notice a fire, do not hesitate to call 112 immediately.