Природен парк Рилски манастир Directorate of Rila Monastery Nature Park
NEWS / International Day of Action for Rivers

14/03/2023 |
International Day of Action for Rivers

Today we celebrate the International Day of Action for Rivers. Initiatives for this day started in 1997 in Brazil. Representatives from more than 20 countries unite around dedicating this day to raising awareness and finding better solutions to protect rivers.
The largest river on the territory of the Rila Monastery Nature Park is the Rilska River. Its length is 51 km, which gives it 83rd place among the rivers of Bulgaria.
The water richness of the rivers in the park has impressed people since ancient times.
Even in ancient times, the Thracians gave the first name of Mount Rila - Donkas. In their language, it meant a mountain with a lot of water. Later, the Slavs named it Rowla, which meant the same thing - the water mountain.
Even today, Rila remains a mountain of water, and our concern is preserving it so that future generations can enjoy the lush streams and full-flowing rivers.