Природен парк Рилски манастир Directorate of Rila Monastery Nature Park
Project Information

"Nature for people and for nature" on CBC Programme between Bulgaria and FYR Macedonia № 2007CB16IPO007- 2011 -2- 03. The total project cost is EUR 77 159.84 euros , and its duration is 18 months.

The main objectives of the project are to strengthen the human capacity to protect the still untouched by human activity, natural resources, and strengthening inter-agency cooperation between the two regions in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development of tourism.

There are a number of courses of pre-selected target groups in the Republic of Macedonia , as well as a workshop in Bulgaria , where they will be presented acting techniques and methods for the development of ecological and sustainable tourism . Once the target groups have looked at the experience of Bulgaria and collected some ideas on how to operate ecotourism , they will participate in a training workshop for the development and implementation of the project. This will allow participants to present their own initiatives and apply for projects related to ecotourism in the future.
Results of the project

- Increased public awareness of environmental
- Enhanced cooperation between the two countries of the region
- Protected natural resources through the implementation of the project target groups
- Increase the number of tourists - admirers of nature and local identity
- Developed materials and conducted a number of trainings in Bulgaria and Macedonia
- Unanimous conclusions regarding the development of ecotourism in the border region
- Networking between different sectors of the border region
- Identification of future steps for cooperation in the field of eco- tourism between the two regions
- Held press conferences
- Developing a website
- Publication of information brochures
Target groups targeted by this project
Local people who are interested in preserving the region's environment and the sustainable use of natural resources
- General / institutions in the two regions , whose activities are related to environmental
- Non-governmental organizations from both countries , dealing with issues related to environmental protection , public awareness and opportunities for environmental and sustainable development of the region
- Representatives of tourism in the border region